Richard Shackleton

Richard Shackleton

UI Architect, NetConstruct


Richard is an experienced full-stack web developer and Jamstack fan who has been working in web development  for over a decade. Originally starting as a support desk developer, he is now works as a UI Architect at NetConstruct — a web agency based in Leeds, United Kingdom.

His current role involves leading the UI Engineering team, taking charge of the technology stack and ensuring their clients always get the best possible results. He has a keen interest in the ever-changing landscape of web development and works hard to ensure he and his team are always at the cutting edge of their craft.


March 3, 2022(Day 2)05:00 PM UTC - 05:45 PM UTC


The Fast and Easy Way Into Jamstack with Gatsby and Kontent

Gatsby seems interesting, but is that enough to successfully pitch it as a new tech-stack for your next project to your boss? In this workshop, you'll create a new and shiny (CSS and imagery included) Gatsby site from scratch. You'll fetch content from Kontent by Kentico using the fastest source plugin available, explore the GraphQL schema, and build a component-based landing page. All that in just 45 minutes!

What you will learn:

  • How to set up Gatsby project

  • How to connect it to Kontent How to use GraphQL

  • How to work with content in React components

Prerequisites: You should come to the Workshop with a VS Code or another editor installed and available.

Richard Shackleton
Richard Shackleton

UI Architect, NetConstruct

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