Ondrej Polesny

Ondrej Polesny

Developer Evangelist, Kontent by Kentico


Ondrej is a Jamstack enthusiast focused mostly on React and Vue-based tools. As a Developer Evangelist at Kontent by Kentico, he constantly stays connected with in-house and partner developers, which brings him closer to many interesting digital projects built with Gatsby and other frameworks. Always interested in problems that everyone claims have no solution, Ondrej enjoys building the architecture of components or applications and figuring out how all parts fit together. He also creates videos and speaks at conferences and podcasts.


March 3, 2022(Day 2)07:00 PM UTC - 09:00 PM UTC


Building Advanced Multilingual Landing Pages with Gatsby and Kontent

You've tried Gatsby and know how it works, but are you up-to-date with it's new features? In this workshop, you'll build a new Gatsby site that fetches content from Kontent by Kentico, implement advanced rich text resolution with multilingual content, set up pages for both static and deferred rendering, and enable visual live-site editing for non-technical users with SSR.

What you will learn:

  • How to set up Gatsby project

  • How to connect it to Kontent

  • How to handle advanced cases for rich text resolution

  • How to handle multilingual use-cases (e.g. missing content in another language)

  • How to configure static, DSG, and SSR

  • How to enable editors work on their content in visual context of the website


  • Have a VS Code or another editor installed and available

  • Ideally, sign up for a free trial of Kontent (not required, but advised)

What you should bring:

A glass of favorite drink to celebrate the end result!

Ondrej Polesny
Ondrej Polesny

Developer Evangelist, Kontent by Kentico

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