Khaled Garbaya

Khaled Garbaya

Engineering Manager, Gatsby


Khaled Garbaya, currently an Engineering Manager at Gatsby, has been working with web technologies for over 12 years. He's worked on a variety of projects with different frameworks and environments, not only on the front-end and browsers but also on the server-side, command-line tools, and other environments capable of running JavaScript. He loves to share his knowledge through e-books and video courses and is looking forward to meeting you in his March 3rd Workshop!


March 3, 2022(Day 2)06:00 PM UTC - 07:30 PM UTC


Upgrading from Gatsby 2 to Gatsby 4 — It’s About Time

Join engineers from the Gatsby Framework squad in this Workshop as they take you through the steps of upgrading a website from Gatsby 2 to Gatsby 4. They’ll cover some of the most common questions people have as they upgrade and answer your questions live.

What you will learn:

  • How to use the new gatsby-plugin-image

  • How to use the Contentful Rich Text

  • How to use Deferred Static Generation (DSG)

  • Where to look for documentation when you get stuck

  • How to upgrade to the latest gatsby v4

  • How to update all the necessary graphql queries

  • How to use File System Route API

What you should bring:

Bring all of your Gatsby migration related questions!

Khaled Garbaya
Khaled Garbaya

Engineering Manager, Gatsby

Michal Piechowiak
Michal Piechowiak

Software Engineer, Gatsby

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