Daniel Phiri

Daniel Phiri

Developer Relations Lead, Strapi


Daniel is the Developer Relations Lead at Strapi. He spends much of his time curating music and writing (about) software.


March 3, 2022(Day 2)06:00 PM UTC - 08:00 PM UTC


How Strapi v4 and Gatsby v4 Work Together

In this workshop, you'll look at how to use the latest Strapi version: v4! Many changes come with Strapi v4 and in this workshop, you'll get into how to make the most of Strapi and Gatsby by creating a website that uses both technologies. Daniel will also help you explore extensibility and at how plugins can make for better workflows for your teams and users.

What you will learn:

  • How to leverage the power of Strapi v4

  • How to use Strapi and Gatsby to create great web experiences


  • Experience with Node.js and package managers

  • Knowledge of modern web technologies like APIs, GraphQL, React

What you should bring to the Workshop:

Enthusiasm and questions!

Daniel Phiri
Daniel Phiri

Developer Relations Lead, Strapi

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