Charlene Kuye

Charlene Kuye

Founder, Dcoded Academy


Charlene is a self-taught, London-based developer who consults, teaches, and writes. She is the the founder of DCoded Academy.


March 2, 2022(Day 1)07:00 PM UTC - 07:20 PM UTC


Simplifying the Complex: Technical Writing

Technical writing is a way of simplifying the complex and it’s about knowing how to adopt a user-centered approach to making complicated technical concepts easier to understand. Join Charlene for a rapid, quick-fire approach to key technical writing concepts.

In 15 minutes, you’ll learn 15 actionable ways to improve your technical writing, including:

  • Common grammar problems in technical writing

  • How to bring clarity to complex subjects

  • Visual storytelling with illustrations

  • Planning and creating educational content

  • Creating useful, accurate, concise, clear, reusable and well commented sample code that demonstrates a range of complexity

Charlene Kuye
Charlene Kuye

Founder, Dcoded Academy

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