Alexandra Spalato

Alexandra Spalato

Founder and Developer, Gatsby WP Themes


Alexandra Spalato is on a mission to evangelize the power of Gatsby to the WordPress community as she is convinced that it is the future. She is a freelance developer and entrepreneur with several years of experience working as a WordPress expert at Codeable and has helped many clients around the world by building their online presence through high-quality custom theme development.

Alexandra has decided to completely focus on Gatsby and the JAMstack and has founded Born and raised in France and, after many years in Paris, she is now living in the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca.


March 3, 2022(Day 2)05:30 PM UTC - 06:00 PM UTC


Create and Customize a Gatsby Blog Powered by WordPress

In this session, Alexandra will guide you through the steps of setting up a beautiful Gatsby blog, powered by WordPress backend. She will use the free theme from Gatsby WP Themes and will also show how to make easy customization as well as building custom parts on top of this codebase.

What you will learn:

  • Get up and running with Gatsby WP Themes.

  • Use this codebase to build any Gatsby site powered by WordPress faster.


  • Computer ready for Gatsby: node, GitHub, Gatsby installed

  • Subscribe to Gatsby WP Themes in order to get the free theme and download the starter files as well as the WordPress demo files

  • Install and prepare a fresh WordPress install (Alexandra will also cover this in the Workshop!)

Alexandra Spalato
Alexandra Spalato

Founder and Developer, Gatsby WP Themes

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